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Dementia Cafe


The idea of the Café is simple – to provide a safe and relaxing place for people with dementia and their carers to share experiences, have access to information and to meet others in the same situation.

We are also aiming to combat the isolation felt by members through:

  • Providing a relaxing place where people can share experiences

  • Providing a range of speakers and activities that give information that helps to support members

  • Enabling both carers and cared-for to share and enjoy an activity together

  • Speaking out about dementia and its effects so that people feel empowered to deal with it

  • Developing a range of resources and information that people can use to help improve their knowledge of the condition and to enhance their daily lives

  • Helping people to have fun together.

Singing for Memories


Singing and music has been shown to often have a positive effect on people who have dementia. As the memory diminishes and communication becomes more difficult music has the power to soothe, stimulate and bring to mind long-forgotten memories.

One of the carers explained that her mum enjoys the sessions so much that every time they pass the venue where we hold the group she wants to go in. Another mentioned that someone they care for has no spoken language but it is obvious to all that she thoroughly enjoys herself in the group.


Throughout the year we organise coach trips to events and attractions so that everyone can enjoy a change of scene and a day out

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