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An evening with Braybrooke WI

A cold November Monday evening saw Dementia Harborough Trustee and Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator, Jan Meredith, venturing out to Braybrooke WI, where members were interested to learn about Dementia Harborough, our monthly activities and how we are run entirely by volunteers.

Jan also raised awareness of the Dementia Friends campaign by The Alzheimer’s Society to help more people to live well with dementia.

The group also heard about another local voluntary initiative, the Harborough Cancer Support Group ( or call 07850 899059), which has recently been set up to provide regular opportunities for people affected by cancer and their carers to receive support to boost their physical and mental well-being.

During the evening, Jan was unexpectedly presented with a very welcome donation of £60, raised by WI members at a recent event, in support of Dementia Harborough.

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