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Our trip to Sudbury Hall and the Museum of Childhood

We had a very enjoyable trip by coach yesterday to Sudbury Hall in Derbyshire. This National Trust property comprises the Hall in magnificent grounds, a Museum of Childhood which includes many toys from years gone by, tea rooms and a gift shop.

The Hall was very impressive and included in the photos below is the Long Gallery which houses many fine portraits.

The Museum of Childhood had a wide range of toys from the basic to the elaborate, the affordable to the expensive, the old to the new. There was a Victorian-style classroom with where one of the volunteers gave us an interesting talk about the development of education through the years. The display about how children used to be employed, particularly as chimney sweeps, showed how things have changed.

We rounded off our visit with tea and coffee and excellent scones (with the usual discussion about whether cream or jam should go on top). Everyone agreed that it was a very enjoyable day out. Huge thanks go to everyone who donates to Dementia Harborough, without whom these trips would not be possible.

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