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Thoughts from the Chair, and December Newsletter

It’s been a tough year…. We had a great programme of activities planned for 2020, only to find that everything was cut short in March.

At the start of the year we could not have imagined what was ahead of the country – lockdowns, toilet roll shortages, masks, queuing to get into shops and local businesses (when they were allowed to open), doctors appointments by phone or video call, the restrictions on meeting with family and friends or visiting loved ones in care homes, and the dramatic impact on so many businesses and jobs. We have of course also sadly lost members during the year.

But as I write this, we are seeing very positive signs. A certified vaccine due for roll-out starting next week, more vaccines on the way, and the hope that Spring will bring a return to something approaching normality for us all.

We owe a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who has donated to us to help us to support our members during our shutdown. I would also like to personally thank everyone in our team who have helped to keep in touch with our members during the year, and who have organised and distributed the ‘goodies’ – we know how much these have been appreciated.

Very best wishes to you all. Stay safe over the Christmas period; we hope to see you all very soon in the New Year. We will keep you updated about when our groups will restart.

Our December Newsletter can be read here.

Peter Hirst, Chair

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